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Thread: Kinetic hammer tips. Silencing and collet failure.

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    Kinetic hammer tips. Silencing and collet failure.

    Just thought I would put these two tips into one thread.

    If the collet supplied with your kinetic hammer fails, you can use the shell holder from your press instead.

    If you are a night owl like me, or just don't like the noise, you can use a handheld-anvil to strike the kinetic hammer against. This prevents waking the household as you remove the forty bullets you just put in too deep.

    Any solid lump of metal that you can hold in one hand whilst you whack it with your hammer will do. Most of the noise is the bench and floor acting like a guitar sound board.

    I also find you can be more precise with the hand-anvil, an advantage if you are just tweaking for COAL rather than removing the bullet entirely.

    If anybody is passing and would like a suitable off-cut cube of 40mm mild or stainless they are welcome to call...reasonable prices to most!

    Of course any other conventional claw, ball pein or lump hammer will work as well for the anvil…the key for the noise reduction is to hold whatever you are using for the anvil in your hand, rather than resting it on the bench.

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    A wedge cut from a pencil eraser paced in the impact end may well save a few soft points from deforming?

    Probably depending on the crimp?

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    i use the shell holder from the press instead of the collet

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    I have a big hard log outside the back door, failing that a 10" section of railway track makes a perfect steel anvil. I put a bit of closed cell faom inside to prevent tip damage.


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    " you can use the shell holder from your press instead"
    I dont have a collet for my Hornet cases and would never have thought of this.

    I can pull some crappy bullets now.
    Thanks for the Tip.

    I use a 4"x4"x2" lump of lead as my thumping block.
    Works great but only untill my lead supply for cast bullets goes down.
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    i have some spare collets as mine came with 6
    lost one peice of one and only use two of them so PM if I can help

    I put a foam earplug in the inside of mine
    A 14lb sledgehammer head is used when it is too wet and wild to use the back door step!

    for speed I tend to pour powder and bullet into a bowl and sieve the lot a the end to remove bullets

    ALWAYS tighten the screw cap.
    I had one explode into a thousand pieces due to being loose on impact.
    Using the O-ring elasticated collet you can insert most round without removing the cap

    big fan of these having almost destroyed half a box of bullet with a press mounted collet puller

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