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Thread: Anthrax Wiltshire

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    Anthrax Wiltshire

    Just saw this article, case of anthrax in a cow in Wiltshire!
    Anthrax case confirmed on farm in Westbury, Wiltshire - BBC News

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    yep, I think it can persist in soil ect for a very long time, old markets and abbatoirs are often checked out if being built on. A friend contracted anthrax probably via a cut while working on his family,s farm a few years back, luckily a visiting indian doctor recognised it and started treatment early.It appears in sheep occasionally, I think the surprising thing is we don't see it more often

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    Used to move containers of wool from the docks to warehouses around the Leeds/Bradford area loads of posters on the walls about Anthrax and what the signs of infection were.

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    Anthrax causes a bleb on the skin where an injury and also a pneumonia called Wool Sorters disease. If diagnosed correctly responds well to a course of antibiotics.

    Gruinard Island was where anthrax experiments were carried out, now said to be uncontaminated. Parts of Zimbabwe are heavily contaminated due to human activity during their troubles.

    Animals with positive diagnosis have to be incinerated where they have fallen on occasions interesting effects.

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    So a few years ago whilst working part time at a hunt kennel, I started to cut up a beast and it looked strange inside so I stopped and called a vet.
    It was Anthrax! the animal was burned.

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