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Thread: Range Day including driven wild boar for the North-Cotswolds DMG

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    Range Day including driven wild boar for the North-Cotswolds DMG

    Just a quick Report on last Sunday the 25th. October, the North-Cotswolds DMG annual Range Day, this time at the Corinium Rifle Range. After a general zero/practice session we enjoyed a BBQ lunch to which everybody had contributed: Pate, sausages, burgers, chicken, rolls, salad, apples, cakes...all very delicious and thank you to all who took some food and shared it.
    The competition element was the standard DSC1 shooting test (9 shots: 3 x 100 yards prone at a 6" target; 2 x 100 Yards prone at a deer target, 2 x 70 Yards sitting or kneeling, supported, at a deer target; 2 x 50 Yards off sticks) followed by 150 Yards and 200 Yards supported shots off sticks at steel targets. Obviously, with all participants being highly qualified and experienced, this was very easy for all, and all passed with flying colours. (And we never, ever, lie!)
    There was also time for 2 x 6 shots at a running wild boar target at 50 Yards and 70 Yards, where we achieved an average first shot kill rate of some 50%, which according to our RCO was a typical average one may expect under field conditions on life quarry. Thank God the boar target was made of paper and wood and not flesh and blood, otherwise there would have been a lot of very angry injured wild boars roaming around the Kemble area right now. Good fun, and we are likely to want to try this again. And improve. Many thanks to Rob P for organising the day, and to Paul Hill our patient, kind good humoured and safe RCO and owner of the
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    Oh bother! I evidently omitted to put the date in my diary. I am glad everybody who did put it in their diary and turned up, had a good time.


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