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Thread: Varget powder

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    Varget powder

    I have sold my .243 and have just under 4lb of Varget powder left, also 100 new unopened Lapua brass and the other box has 170 unused and 30 twice fired brass, would like to sell it but not sure on prices, any help would be appreciated.

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    20/1lb I will collect tomorrow.
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    Thruppence ha'penny for the brass!

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    Current price for Varget is approx 39-40 and is in stock in some places. I see one shop is asking 48 which is well taking the p---.

    No idea about the Lapua brass


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    All the .243 Brass is sold to a member on here.

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    I'm very interested in taking a pound of the Varget off your hands. If you let me know what price you decide on I can collect next week, after I've finished this set of night shifts.
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