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Thread: White moose cafe and the vegan looneys...

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    White moose cafe and the vegan looneys...


    please go on and like the moose cafe Facebook page or whatever you can to help - some militant vegans who can't take a joke are trying to ruin the business and it's nothing more than cyber terrorism...

    the he stofy can be found at the below link -

    Controversial White Moose Café in Dublin bans vegans after negative reviews - Newstalk


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    Seems it's having the opposite effect. All the loonies that are co-incidentally also vegan putting negative reviews on, despite not having been there are ensuring the place is, by all accounts packed out.

    The caf blogs that vegans are banned and if they enter they will be shot. Then an apology is made, saying they will actually be poisoned. Is it just me that thinks this caf proprietor has just found a novel way to advertise his establishment?

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    Cynical me agrees with you Pedro ,the rabid pillocks are keeping him in the public eye and giving him 1000,s of free publicity .clever man ,not so clever vegtabilists,if thats a word?
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    What strikes me is that if you go into a "normal" cafe or pub then usually there are a few dishes on the menu for Veggies. However the opposite is not true so smacks to me as some sort of elitism. Why should "we" accommodate them if the reverse can't be expected?

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    Whatever or whoever is using this for negative or positive publicity, I, for one, am pleased to see someone standing up to cyber terrorism and organised 'gang' opinion.
    Business everywhere are at risk from fake poor reviews - I am aware of a number targeted by intent to do harm to an individual via their business rather than properly comment on a service rendered and paid for.

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    The thing is - this all started because Paul (the owner) received a bad review due to the fact it takes a little longer for them to prepare a vegan dish if ordered, they were trying to accommodate this nitwit and her every whim and she took great delight in trying to throw mud at his business.

    I am so glad this has turned on them and helped this business as it just shows what idiots some of these people are.



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    I understand they are offering both a vegetarian menu and a vegan menu.......................................

    Vegetarian Menu - Go Hungry.

    vegan Menu - Feck Away Off and Go Hungry.

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    It's gone viral down here. The owners are sitting on a goldmine of they franchise the name /brand.

    "Food to die for."

    Cheers Sharkey
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    Quote Originally Posted by orion View Post
    i understand they are offering both a vegetarian menu and a vegan menu.......................................

    Vegetarian menu - go hungry.

    Vegan menu - feck away off and go hungry.

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