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Thread: Moderator kick started!

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    Moderator kick started!

    Recently spotted a BRNO Mod2 .22 in our Ads paper, came c/w scope 4x40 & Moderator.
    A Farmer had it but never used it during the past years, FA Dept suggested he get rid off it.
    100 later it's home with me.
    I didn't think the mod' was up to much, no noise reduction at all, but I googled the brand and it was rated (a Parker-Hale). I had decided to replace it but left it on the rifle to protect the threads, 30 rounds later and it is working perfectly

    What could have been wrong with the mod' in the first instance?

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    Washers/baffles lightly rusted to cylinder wall. Needed a few rounds to shake them free and get springs working. The ph moderator works well, once tried one on 243 ..... quietened discharge well but after 3/4 shots springs lost all their "spring" !

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    I can only think of one person, other than myself, that would put a .22 PH moderator on a .243
    I hope you and yours are keeping well

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    Well the Mod is goosed now, I thought Id give it a clean, stripped it and removed masses of residue, re-assembled using the supplied rod, but now it deflects the shots in all directions - I should have just left it alone
    Ah well, best get to the shops and buy a new one.

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    Thats a variation then for 26

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    Wouldn't it be a one-for-one, which is free?

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    The mod isn't specific on the license, so surely it's just a one for one replacement!?

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    buy an 22 airfile moderator (same product)

    SAK is a good one no need for ticket, toss one out fit other one job done.

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    Another spin in the tale - On assuming the Mod was goosed I asked the Firearms Dept what needed to be done?
    1st - I needed to submit the mod to an approved agent for disposal (Gun Dealer or Police Station) and obtain a receipt.
    2nd - return FAC with receipt for re-issue (no Charge) which would show allowance for new Mod....

    So I opted to take the mod and rifle to the gun dealer Grahams for their assesment.
    They identified the problem immediately - the foresight on the rifle hadn't been machined far enough back when it was cut and threaded, and only with the last nip on the threads was the Mod kicking down when pressing on the foresight...

    Now I know why the farmer never used it, it had obviously not been done right in the first place and wouldn't have given him much success thereafter.

    Initially I was constantly having to zero the rifle on each outing, but put that down to the Nikko scope and it's dodgy mounts, only after fitting my zeiss did I eliminate the scope issue and assumed it must be the mod...

    That's it, I'm going back to my catapult.

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