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Thread: A 30-06 stalking rifle

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    A 30-06 stalking rifle

    So I am set on calibre and I have a couple sako 85s in other calibre's and really like them. I fancy a different rifle, I do like the blaser but I don't think I will use the switch barrels so I don't think I will use it as designed. I am liking the look of the Saure 202 in synthetic either thumb hole or a standard stock. I would like to here views on the Saure as that's what i am leaning towards.

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    30-06 stalking rifle.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    My Sauer 202 in 30-06......I highly recommend this rifle, super accurate, reliable and well made !

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Get another Sako.
    I hate the safety system on the Sauer 202

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    I've got a Sako 85 in 30-06 and really enjoy shooting it. It's a well-balanced, good looking gun. I have a couple of other 85 varmints too, so I know what you mean about wanting a different rifle. I have a Sauer 202 Outback in 6.5x55, so I am only a new barrel away from your suggested format. In short, the rifle is superb. I admit I had been shooting it a while before I noticed comments indicating that I should dislike the safety. Frankly, I find it slick, quiet and easy to use even with a heavy glove.

    I've used mine heavily in all weather conditions and it has never missed a beat. I think you are making the right choice with the synthetic option, but I would also get the fluted barrel (standard Outback configuration). I've shot the other variants and found them either heavy or not as well balanced. I am tempted to get a 30-06 barrel for mine.



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    Have a look at the Heym SR21 or SR20, or Mauser M03 or M12 whilst you are about it. Same quality as the Sauer, but different in feel. I have tried Sauers and they are very nice rifles, but personally I don't find them very comfortable to shoot.

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    Personally I would look at this

    For Sale: RPA 30-06 Highland stalker

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    I agree with srvet. You won't get a more accurate rifle for the money!!

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    I am biased but from my personal experience go for a Sauer. I have 202's in .223 and 6.5x55. Both in wooden stocks (old school here lol). One is a standard style and one is a thumb hole. Both will shoot all kinds of factory ammunition without any problems and are super accurate with home loads. Beautifully made and will easily outlast me. Don't understand why people don't like the safety system. It is wonderfully simple, totally silent and, for me at least, completely intuitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felix4247 View Post
    I agree with srvet. You won't get a more accurate rifle for the money!!
    me too, for 1700 thats a nice package
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