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    to many sarcastic folk out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSTYMOO View Post
    to many sarcastic folk out there

    Swapping for what?? Free stalking that we have all worked hard to get in your first posts on joining a forum? Honestly what did you actually expect the reaction would be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by redlab View Post
    Swapping for what??
    For any land that is "going" of course!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSTYMOO View Post
    to many sarcastic folk out there
    Would you be willing to swap your sarcasm for some basic good manners?
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    Mistymoo, I do not think it is sarcasm. The trouble is land is becoming at a premium for stalking and is hard to come by and keep. Your post asking if any land was going was bound to raise such reactions.

    You will find in general that if a more subtle approach had been made by your good self after being a member on here for a few months, you may well have had an invite. You will find that MANY on here have become good friends and have eventually landed in a syndicate or been invited out for free. You only have to look back through some of the million plus posts to see that.

    I wish you well in your search, but my advice would be to go about it in a more indirect route, and form associations and friendships first. Even after 40 years of stalking I have never found land easy to come by, so you are not alone.

    Good luck
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    i get ur point but its dishearting when so called friends let you down

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSTYMOO View Post
    i get ur point but its dishearting when so called friends let you down
    So take your time and get some new friends!
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    Ok look at it this way , you just join a forum & first post is any ground going?

    If you'd read the joining instructions your first post is mean to be an introduction say hello n a wee bit bout you.

    If you had done that , explained your circumstances and that you,don't have much ground of your own etc then maybe over short time folk would invite you etc.

    But because of reasons above , ground at premium , folk trying to take ground under your feet so to speak etc.
    People are reluctant until they get to know you ..... Under stand the sarcasm now?


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    i undrestand but im a novice to the stalking directory i was asking for help i have tryed every where to find one to join i have been stalking for 10 years i was in a sindicate but left because the person who was running it lost it due to doing something stupid i have been on payed stalks and where i live there is none at all

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    Hi Misstymoo just my 6 pennies worth but I gained my stalking permission only after I had 'served my time' dealing with the rats, rabbits and corvids and the land owner had come to know and trust me and only then after the incumbent stalkers had had to 'retire' for whatever reason. I originally found the pest control permission through another beater on my local shoot in my second season beating. Not an 'instant fix' but I suspect fairly typical of a lot of folk on here. Good luck.

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