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Thread: Summer is officially here

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    Cool Summer is officially here

    Heard my first Cuckoo of the year Saturday 1st May at 10.20AM. A bit late but never mind.

    At least one has managed to get past the Mediterranean types twice to go down to Africa and back. A feat in its own right.

    So summers is officially here !

    Then it rained most of Sunday. Bloody typical!

    Have you heard one yet? When do you normally hear the first cuckoo of the year?

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    I heard mine on the 24th April. We always ring round the family when we hear the first one. I have an uncle who lives in Dorset who hears them first, every year. Bless him

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    Heard one on Saturday in West Sussex, first of the year. Mind you Sunday it rained and rained and blew like the devil, not very good for spotting Roe Bucks.

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    Not heard a cuccoo yet. I saw my first swallow on 6th April and have not seen one since.

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    Heard a cuckoo up in Aviemore May 2nd

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    Haven't heard a cuckoo yet but all the gates are being left open in the deer park and the bushes are adorned with little bags of dog ***** so it must be summer! JC

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    We have been covered with Swallows for about ten days now. They were four or five days later than normal this year.

    Have not heard a Cuckoo for the past 5 or 6 years here in NI.

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    About 3-4 weeks since I heard the first cuckoo here in West Berks (but I'd have to check my game log to be sure). One flew over my heard calling last night - don't often see them.

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    21st of April for me . I didn't hear at first as I was talking to much as usual , my mate did that was on Hants/wilts Border

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    cuckoo here north wilts

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