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Thread: Buying a stock in the States.

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    Buying a stock in the States.

    Does anyone have any experience of bringing an aftermarket stock back from the States. Definitely keen to avoid any grief or an enthusiastic search though. As I understand it there are no special requirements for a exporting or importing a stock although it could obviously look dodgy going through the x ray machine.

    Also any must visit sporting goods outlets in New York?

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    I've brought back a synthetic McMillan stock from the US before as a piece of checked in baggage (it was in a cardboard box) with no problem at all. Don't know about New York, but Cabela's in Hartford, CT is probably the closest store:


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    I have just had a Boyds laminate thumbhole delivered, took some time but i think that it had been caught up in the ash cloud and got lost for a while.

    The stock is magnificent and my Weatherby Vanguard .308 just dropped into place. Cost was 111 which was 89 for the stock and postage + 22 for VAT and parcelforce robbery. I did this as an experiment and I am delighted with the results. May try and put up some pictures.



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    Bestman. The thumb-hole stock in my gallery/avatar was sent from the States. I got it from without any issues, however it took quiet a bit of time and money to get it pillar bedded and finished off by Cromarty Guns. Regards JCS

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