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Thread: Hilux surf 3.0TDI SSR-X auto

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    Hilux surf 3.0TDI SSR-X auto

    As above, very good service history, goodyear AT all round, they will pass MOT, but should need replacing in the not too distant.
    MOT: December 18th 2015
    Milage around: 168K (that's Kilometers)

    Tracking needs doing, but haven't had time.
    Rear seats have been removed for a big load space with timber bulkhead in place. Can be replaced in 20mins if wanted.
    Rear working light.
    Comes with spare rear bumper and lots of other bits and pieces including oil filters.
    New air filter.
    very recently had two new batteries and full service
    Just driven from Devon to Scotland and back faultlessly.
    Long list of work done over the last year or two.
    A few dings etc as you would expect.
    The head was done as a precaution about 3 years ago as was being taken on safari but never went.
    Fantastic for off road and stalking shooting vehicle, but can still be used day to day easily. Bought from TASR12 a while ago and has never let me down.If you would like pictures of further info please PM me your email and I will send it over thanks. Sad to get rid of her, but a 110 investment has come up I couldn't turn down and can't keep both.
    Located in mid Devon

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    Price drop to 1500

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    Sorry you are moving it on but glad it has served you well. Say goodbye to being dry and comfortable with a 110 on the horizon!


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    You're not wrong! With the defenders going out of production as we know it, I couldn't say no!

    Hope you are well


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