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Thread: WOulod it be cheating?

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    WOulod it be cheating?

    Im my background we use check lists for all important tasks so we dont miss anything

    When i do a grallock I use a laminated plastic sheet with a check list for the deer inspection for this very reasion.

    When i do my DSC2 would this be considerd cheating?



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    The AW is there to witness what you do, not pass judgement. If that's what you usually do, go with it. At least that way, you are in a familiar environment, and won't miss anything...

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    Sounds very sensible to me.
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    I think that is a very responsible and sensible way of ensuring you do not miss an important step until such time as you decide you have committed all to memory. Cannot see anything on this page that would preclude the use of a check list DSC2 but as I am not qualified witness would welcome the definitive answer as well

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    Perfectly OK, I would just claim a bit of licence, (a bit squiffy with the memory cells), & even calculators are allowed in Math classes these days, like the guys say above, it is what you do that is being looked at, plus, that little aid memoir can't do it for you.
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    What a releif

    I dont need to claim a lousy memeory, just ask the wife how good i am with my wallet and car keys

    It just seems sensible to me so I am glad others see it that way



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    Its unusual but to my knowledge perfectly ok. However you should be up to scratch on your bleeding, gralloching and extraction and will be asked questions throughout. The Paperwork takes about an hour for each ICR.

    Having just finished a whole day on the open hill with one candidate with 2 Red hinds and a Sika hind signed off it took a considerable time to undertake all the questioning required for each ICR. And today I have just finished Tom's as he now has a 2 Sika over 2 days with me so that's is paperwork now ready to go off.
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