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Thread: will not group

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    will not group

    I have an Anschutz 525 and have had trouble zeroing it have changed scope and mounts and there is improvement. Fitted a mod dpt for 22 rf and its like a shot gun. tried various ammo types and better with some than others, took mod off and shot clover leaf straight through the bull at 70 yards off the bipod.

    The mod it brand new and on disassembling it appears ok uniform deposits in the mod and no obvious lead fouling anywhere and the hole looks straight by eye. It screws up easily as does the tread protector.

    The next plan is try my sac off the other rifle on it and visa versa. Has anyone any ideas.
    thanks Tom

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    Is your threading concentric with the bore?, if it's off by a little you may just be interfering with the mod.
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    In theory it should be ok as the 525 comes factory threaded from new but something is wrong guess I will find out when get the chance to swap mods round. The rifles previous owner looked after it well and its immaculate. Tom

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    Just out of interest Tom what length is the barrel. It may have been shortened and rethreaded with the thread not completely concentric with the bore - Unfortunately from what you are saying it certainly sounds as if this might well be the case.
    I had mine shortened down to 16 inches and re-threaded by Dave Mercer (Who is a master at his trade and takes real pride in his work) and it shot perfectly with either a SAK or a Sirocco moderator on it.

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    It has ro be a concentricity issue - Pop some copper jacketed through it (or a thin layer of chalk if you can on the baffle bore rings) and see if they witness on the mod - be hard to spot lead rounds witnessing - to be honest it only needs a gnats cock to throw it out 4-5" down range
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    Had the same issue with my 77/22, after shortening the barrel, I tried a several different mods, the sak looked like no 7 shot, ended up with a old Parker hale.

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    If you've a nice thick copper washer lying about, put it on the rifle before screwing on the mod. Don't do it up farmer tight just tight will do.
    Cheers Ted.

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    The crowning may be damaged.
    Get a gunsmith to check it.

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    Thanks, will experiment some more on Sunday all being well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom270 View Post
    Thanks, will experiment some more on Sunday all being well.
    Good luck Tom and report back - don't thinks it's your crown or it would be all over the place with the mod off too.

    Just thinking aloud - last two Anschutz WMR's that came into my rfd were not factory threaded (not all Annie's come in threaded and have open sights instead) - they sent them away to be threaded and re-proofed. Check your proofs to see if they're UK ones / you have two proof stamps - that might give a clue towards poor aftermarket threading
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