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Thread: CZ 452 Replacement Trigger Guards

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    CZ 452 Replacement Trigger Guards


    Does any body know if somebody makes an after market trigger guard for the CZ 452 to replace the bent piece of steel plate. Would like something more akin to a proper Mauser style guard on mine.

    The was one produced by RD Custom but they are now out of business.

    Any thoughts, save getting hold of a piece of steel and milling one out from solid. When I say milling that would equal drilling and then filing as don't have access to such kit.

    Now that I have put in the Timney Trigger it could really do with a proper guard to match.

    Many thanks

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    Might be worth while speaking to Edgar Brothers? They import them, they may know of a custom fitter who does it? Have you tried Rimfire Magic (www).

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    There is somebody on the Airgun BBS Forum who makes custom ones. I have seen a thread with several people praising the standard of his work.


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    Thanks Eddie - have just spoekn with him - he doesn't have any steel ones at the moment but will be doing another production run and have my name down for one.

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    Gald you got fixed Heym. Going to get one myself and tart up my old 452. I think the same chap can supply allen head action screws to complete the job.


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    Eddie - he rang back and actually now have the last steel one from the previous batch. Looks pretty good and well machined but the actual guard itself could do with a bit of thining down - nothing that a bit of work with a sharp file shouldn't sort out.

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    The company that makes them is - they are a precision engineering firm, where a couple of guys are also shooters and thus have created a few bits and pieces for rifles / air rifles.

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    Recknagel in Germany do high quality horn trigger guards (abzugbügel).
    I bought an Enfield .303 that had been completely worked over in 1946 by a German gunsmith (looks a treat) with the permission of the then British occupation officer to help control wild boar damage in those post war times as the population were starving.

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