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Thread: Mud tyres regular car

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    Mud tyres regular car

    I cant justify a 4x4 but would putting chunky tyres on my Zafira be an idea? What would be effective and good value?

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    Yes, they will come in handy for getting you out of the many feilds you will end up in!

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    More traction, but no more ground clearance; both can get you stuck so benefit depends if you are just just trying to negotiate slippery fields or fairly even tracks or aiming to do more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    I cant justify a 4x4 but would putting chunky tyres on my Zafira be an idea? What would be effective and good value?
    Dont do it, Zafiras are very prone to catching fire, would be a shame to burn good tyres

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    Put mud and snow tyres on my berlingo van not been stuck yet but then again I only stick to farm tracks and forestry roads certainly helped in the snow last winter goodridge is the name of tyre think they was around 65 each hope this helps ATB TWM
    Logic will get you from A to B DEERSTALKING will take you everywhere

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    I wouldn't bother, lack of ground clearance means you'll belly out. You can get the old vitaras for next to nothing, spares are cheap and plentiful

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    Could be worth looking at the General GT AT tyre. I wanted something with a little more grip for my Rav and with it being little more than a toy 4x4 there wasn't many options. As it turns out, the General's are excellent on wet grass and in moderate terrain. Don't know if they would look a bit ott on your Zafira though.

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    Snow tyres on my Picasso all year round; used for everything from runs to London to rough forest & farm tracks & feeding pheasant. If I'm sensible I get away with it.

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    I have lived in Zaffies for nearly 10 years and would not advise it. Very little clearance between front underspoiler and road so unless you are on the smoothest of off road highly likely to hit it.

    Also own an old Vitara and that is brilliant, so as prev suggested get one with decent tyres will go anywhere within reason.


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    ATRs are about as savage as you want to go unless you like being driven mad by the moterway nois of proper off road tyres but a sliping diff will reduce you to 1 wheel drive so the added benifit will be marginal

    I run a Rav4 as a compromise between road car for work and stalking wagon and with ATRs on that it is surprisingly good

    And I am compairing it against my previous 3 jeeps and a Shogun LWB so it had a lot to live up too

    The fact it also does 45mpg makes it a properly versitile thing.



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