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    I am thinking of getting a tikka in the above calibre. I have read through all the past threads on this calibre and think it would suit my needs quite well. I only shoot foxes and reds. my rfd stocks the sako 117gr and the federal 100gr nosler in factory ammunition so providing one of those works ok I should be ok as far as ammunition. are there any reasons why I shouldn't get one or is there anything different you would recommend instead? seems to be a nice fast calibre with not much drop out to 300 yards.


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    25-06 will do what you want to do with it well.It can be a bit "explosive" on game close in,but that can be said of alot of Calibers and comes down to bullet choice.
    How does the price of factory ammo compare to more common calibers like 270 and 3006?Both of those calibers are more versatile and offer a wider selection of bullets.If you want one,buy one and make it work for you.

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    Nothing at all wrong with .25-06 for any legal quarry in the UK. I've used one for the past fifteen years....lots of hinds using my loads with the Sierra 100gn Prohunter bullet and hinds & a few stags with the Nosler 110gn Accubond bullet. Works a treat & never found the need for a bullet heavier than the 110gn.

    The 110gn AB just goes straight through...I've shot hinds, calves & stags with it at between 60 & 200+ yds & it performs pretty much as a Nosler Partition bullet.

    I understand if you can make the 117gn Hornady SST bullet work, that's pretty good, but I haven't seen any factory loaded stuff with that bullet work in either my rifle or a Sako 85 a friend has.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Big fan of this calibre. Also for the last 15 years. Never had it explode anything but I stick to the 100gr Noslers.
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    I can't compare the 25-06 to anything else because it's all I've ever used, for roe and red. I use Federal Premium 117gn sierra gameking in my Sako 75 and that works just fine. I got this calibre on the recommendations of people that know far more about the subject than I do and have no regrets.

    I've shot deer at ranges of 50m to 200m and everything has gone down quickly, and so far I haven't found the meat damage excessive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthDorset View Post
    Big fan of this calibre. Also for the last 15 years. Never had it explode anything but I stick to the 100gr Noslers.

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    A cheapskates 244 Holland & Holland

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    Use a M695 in 25.06 with Sako 117grn's without any issue. You won't regret your purchase.

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    American threads will tell you that the .243 Winchester out performs the .25-06 with 100 grain bullets and that the .270 Winchester outperforms it with 120 grain bullets. So it is very much a "niche" cartridge and if that's the niche you want to fill than all's well and good. Only the user can decide if he needs this or would be better served, in reality, wit either a .243 or a .270.

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    Those West Country Red are big fellas aren't they?

    I personally have nothing against any of the -06 derived cartridges
    but I would want more than 117gr for big stags and a better choice of bullets if I was knocking down anything more than a few of them in any one year.

    Flatness is a myth.

    personally I like the .270 better
    it chucks heavier and lighter bullets faster with more energy
    has a higher pressure rating too.
    the range of bullets runs from 90-150gr (and up to 180gr if you can be arsed to find them)

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