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    Out with a novice

    A few years ago a workmate was really keen to shoot his first Deer.I approached a long time friend and asked if he could come along with us to a area we called the "pantry".This area of Bush is on private land but surrounded by public access area's,as alot of hunting in New Zealand is.

    Sworn to secrecy,I picked up my mate at 4am and towards the hills we rattled in my 1969 Series II.Meeting Bruce at 5am we settled on different areas to hunt and went our separate ways.Carrying my M14 my workmate was carrying my usual bolt action Rifle.I went on ahead after telling him I would be ten paces in front,if I spotted a deer I would crouch down and he was to do the same,move slowly up to me and shoot.

    We moved through a patch of forest and we just about out the other side when I saw a big stag feeding on the forest edge.Crouching down I motioned with my hand for him to stop and move forward,all the while keeping my eyes on the Stag.Instead he bumbled into me and off ran the Stag,racing up the slope towards the forest edge.

    "follow him mate,he'll stop on the bush edge" I told him
    "can't see him he replied"

    The stag stopped for that often fatal last look back,a big animal grown fat on the summer grass and carrying a nice set of Antlers

    Boom! The .308 Barked
    Smack! Went the Bullet as it collided with a Tree behind the stag.

    "Dash it!" "You silly Goose!" were not the words I used.

    He had been carrying the Rifle over his shoulder and the drizzle had collected on the scope,making it impossible to use.
    After the usual commiserations,we decided that I would continue up the forest edge,50m in he we would walk up the slope in the open in case I flushed anything out.

    After a while I could sense a mob of Deer just keeping ahead of me as I crept through the Bush.As I skirted around a patch of Fern I caught sight of the Mob and a Yearling took a little to long to get moving,I put the front sight on its chest,fired and dropped him on the spot.

    After the gutting,Matt kindly offered to carry the Animal back to the wagon.

    After arriving we discovered Bruce had also been successful and taken a Hind.We rammed the back of the Landy with two Reds and trundled home to show Bruces family.This is one of my favourite Hunting Photos,I hope you enjoy it too.
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    A good story & a fun photograph, reminding me of my happy times there & Kiwis unconventional approach to hunting attire.

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    Great write up, seems to be a good morning had by all.

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    Good write up. Enjoyed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKenzie View Post
    A good story & a fun photograph, reminding me of my happy times there & Kiwis unconventional approach to hunting attire.
    Yes,its all based upon access to Game,large and small to be everyones right.The founding Fathers of New Zealand wanted everyone to enjoy the land.Everyone does,from a layman with a single barrel Baikal to a Millionaire with his Rigby.Same access for everyone.

    The first time I saw a Hunter dressed up for stalking was in Germany,a bloke sauntered across a Field bedecked in his fineset outift all to climb up a ladder and sit in a high seat for last light.

    Each to their own.

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    Not a criticism, just an observation; I lived there for long enough to appreciate both sartorial extremes & have hunted/shot/stalked dressed in options varying from a full tweed suit to shorts & bare feet.
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