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Thread: Another cracking weekend

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    Another cracking weekend

    Hi All

    This weekend I had a return invite by Jon (Rick o Shea) he had been up to me and eventually we had managed to shoot an old Muntjac buck.

    Jon had invited me down to Stalk Saturday night/Sunday morning.

    I thought I would make a weekend of it and call at a new patch of ground I have in the Cotswolds on the way.

    So i left home at 4.00am and down the M5 to my ground.

    Within minutes of arriving I had a nice 6 pointer in a little hay field and after a couple of hours stalking which I saw a couple of younger 6 pointers I got back to the field oppisite where I started.
    I could see two young bucks grazing out in the morning sun. I stalked onto them and accessed them the right hand one had a small but nice 6 point in velvet and the other had a mishaped left antler so he was my target.
    I evenually got within 100 yards and took a shot off the sticks, great start to the weekend. (Sorry about the photo quality I had it set on macro)

    I then drove on down to Somerst and met up with Jon and after a nice bacon sarnie we set off to Dorset.

    I took advantage of being close to a stalker/taxidermist friend of mine and dropped off some taxidermy and dropping my two Roe in his chiller.

    We then drove to the sportsman for a "mooch" and some dinner before heading off to Jons permission.

    Unfortunately the weather wasnt kind to us and it started raining and not a lot was moving. I could see Jon was dissapointed but you cant do nowt about the weather

    Sunday morning we were up on the Somerset levels, again the weather wasnt great but our luck had changed.

    As soon as we arrived we saw three young cull bucks all feeding withing a few yards of each other, after a short approach I managed to shoot all three off the bipod at about 150 yards.

    We carried on our stalk and spotted another buck lay up in a rape field and after a cracking stalk i was looking at him off the sticks at about 20 yards, I gave him a little whistle and he stood up and gave me a perfect broadside shot.

    A continued on and found a buck and two does lay behind a hedge this time despite my best efforts I could not get the buck to stand although the does were fixed on the strange whistles, squeaks and coughs coming form my direction
    Eventually we decided on the Sh*t or bust method of stalking as I got Jon to step out from behind the hedge i covered the buck ready for the shot. The buck was a up and shot through the hedge like a rocket , I ran back through the gate and dived onto a mound of dirt and and got on the bipod a bit quick, the three deer ran out to about 170 yards and as they do stopped to look back, the buck was stood perfect broadside.

    We called it a day as the rain came in harder as we loaded the deer and had a photo session We headed back to Jons for a cracking breakie and then back up the M5 to home.

    Cheers Jon for a cracking weeknd and thanks to you lovely family for looking after me. I'll look foward to you coming back up again how I can repay the kindness.

    Cheers Wayne
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    hi wayne
    glad you had a great weekend down in somerset again you will be moving
    down here at this rate
    well done to jon getting you on to all those deer in those conditions
    I dont konw if andy is going to speak to you after beating his four last week
    nice shooting wayne
    regards pete .

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    Bl**dy Hell - I've got Jon coming up here this weekend! No pressure on me least it will be fun trying to find a bit of sport for him. Good shooting in weather which most would have given up as a bad job.

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    Well done wayne on your good shooting.
    Andys here on Sun/Mon shame you weren't as well.
    regards John.

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    Ninja strickes again.

    nice going Wayne


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    Well done Wayne,you'll need some sort of roe sack to fit all them in

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    Great time that Wayne, well done to you both.

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    Ninja on tour

    Hi wayne i am glad you enjoyed the weekend although the weather seemed to be doing its best to spoil it for us with a low pressure system dropping in.
    At least you had a bit of fun on sunday and although we didnt manage to connect with one of the really big heads i have been keeping an eye on i think we did well given all the rain.
    Getting in that close on the fourth deer with the lack of cover was an achievement in itself
    See you soon


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    Is it right that the deer population now know you as the Grim Reaper??


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    Cheers Chaps

    As you can see I had a great time, thanks again Jon but can you order some sunshine for next time I'm still drying my kit out.

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