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Thread: Chinese water deer

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    Chinese water deer

    I have two Chinese water deer mounts and a jar of assorted CWD teeth. I have been told that one of my mounts could be a medal head. How do I measure it myself and how many points are required to be a medal. As it is quite a big mount I wanted to check before lugging it about to get it properly measured

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    how long are the teeth? bambi308
    that is the full length when detached from the skull

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    Just out of interest how much of the tusk/tooth on a CWD remains in the jaw?

    I know in terms of boar the true measurement of the tusk is taken by measuring the visible part and then timsing by 3 as two thirds remains under the surface.

    Does anyone know if this is the same with CWD?

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    The part of the tooth inside the jaw does not count.

    You need to measure each canine in millimetres along the front edge from the point of eruption from the jaw to the tip. The point of eruption is the highest point of indent of the tooth into the jaw (not the gum).

    You then need to take the circumference of each at the point of eruption.

    To get a score add the two numbers for each tooth together and then subtract the difference between the two teeth on each measurement.

    So if your canines are 50mm and 48mm in length and 29mm and 27mm in circumference the score for the first tooth would be 79 points, the second tooth would score 75 points and the difference would be 4 points.

    The score would be 79 + 75 - 4 = 150 which is just a bronze.

    150 to 159.9 is a bronze
    160 to 179.9 is a silver and
    180+ is a gold.

    To be a gold your canines would need to be even and 60mm long with a circumference of 30mm

    Unless you have the skull that they came from it is almost impossible to make an accurate estimate for teeth unattached to the jaw. If you have the jaw, reinsert the teeth until there is some resistance, mark the place where the tooth enters the jaw with a pencil and then measure from there.

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    Paul K

    Thanks for taking the time to post the definitive.



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    I guess I best stop head shooting CWD otherwise I'm never going to get one that can be measured.

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    Ahh I have been told that SCI in particular have re assed CWD and that the entire tooth must now be measured, out of the skull.

    The depth of the tooth inside the skull can be greater than the outside, and can make a great deal of difference.

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    Why asses the whole tooth? Surely what is on display is what's important?

    Otherwise we would all be measuring the thickness of the skull when assessing antlers, rather than just size, weight, shape, and colour of the antlers themselves.

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    A tooth is a bit different from an antler Antlers are measured from the pedicle, not the skull. How do you know exactly where the gum line was on a cleaned CWD Tusk (tooth) There can be a mile of difference, and it only takes a small amount of length on a CWD tusk as a bench mark between Silver and Gold. Also antlers particularly Roe are also assesed on their pearling, something you do not get with a CWD.

    Teeth are measured (tusks) along the whole length as far as I am aware. What about those CWD that break the tip off or even the whole tooth

    Having taken a number of CWD over the years with clients, and a Taxidermist for 34 years I can tell you the length can be decieving from what you see to what you end up with once removed from the skull. And I would like a 5 for every client that has asked me to pull the teeth out slightly to give them more length.

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    i to was under the impression that CWD tusks were now measured the full length out of the skull and saw it in a magazine that you only need send off the tusks now with out the skull, shall start looking back in to see which mag it was

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