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Thread: what .270 ammo do you use?

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    what .270 ammo do you use?

    Currently I've flitted around between Hornady 110 grain vmax bullets, some Norma 130 grain sp and currently using Federal 130 grain ballistic tips. In truth I think I got the best results with the 110 grain Hornadys. Do many folk on here find their rifle shoots the lighter rounds better? I definitely got much better results with ballistic tips than soft points.

    Bit frustrating as im currently getting about 1" at 100 yards with the federal which is fine but im sure the gun could do better. Its just expensive chopping between different brands of ammo all the time.

    Just interested to hear what everyone on here likes?

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    Try some Sako Powerhead (Barnes TSX bulet) you might be surprised.
    My R8 groups the Hornady V-Max under half MOA, but i wouldn't use it on deer, that's my foxing round.

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    federal 130 power shock big sika stags dont like them

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    Federal 130grn work in my Beretta 602.
    I have tried others (not to find the best combination) but as these work well .........


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    I use PPU 13g softpoints in my Parker Hale Safari. They are cheap (I get mine for 9.50 per box) and they give me a 1" group @100 yards, which is fine for what I want.
    I tried PPU in 150g but they opened up the group to nearer 2" so I have to say that my rifle prefers the 130g - Having said that I haven't reall tried any other makes or different weights of ammunition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    130gr Federal PowerShok
    Same with me, was recommended by the rifles last owner, ( Browning X Bolt) tho, I'm now reloading my own, not fired any through it yet...

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    hornady 130 copper they do the job just fine. .5 to .75 MOA groups are the norm.

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    130gr geco poly tip 28 -20

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