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Thread: Meopta 3-12x56 for S&B 8x56

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    Meopta 3-12x56 for S&B 8x56

    Attachment 62780Attachment 62781Attachment 62782Attachment 62783Attachment 62784As title really, I'm looking to swap my Meopta Artemis 3000 3-12x56 30mm tube 4B range finding ret for a S&B 8x56 as I'm wanting to go back to a fixed power scope, there are a few light marks to the paint, but nothing bad, perfect lenses and fitted with Butler Creeks, will get some pictures up later.
    Cheers Jase.
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    Hi, is this first focal plane?

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    It's in the plane where the ret get's bigger as you zoom in, so yes that would be the first focal plane.

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    I have an S&B 8x56, 30mm, A7 reticle in perfect condition (only used a few times), no box or covers but think the butlers are still fitted.
    Willing to swap so if interested PM you postal address.

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    Cheers for that pal, but I've been offered a deal on a 8x56 Illuminated I'm just waiting for pictures before I make my mind up.
    Cheers Jase.

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    Hi Jase, I have a kahles/Swarovski zfm 6x42z, a lisenfeld 8x56 and a meopta 6x42 if any of these would be of interest to you.
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    No thanks pal, I might be sorted now anyway .

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