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Thread: 308 Prvi 175 FMJ & N140

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    308 Prvi 175 FMJ & N140

    Anyone have some load data on this? been looking around and cant find, closes I have from is with Norma 2013-B not N140. Vihtavouri has some load data but with Lapua and Sierra on that weight and the start weights varying between 35.3 to 38 grns...

    Robsoft have the bullet Prvi but using Norma 203-b at around 41rgns. some say Norma 203-b is same as N140??? any data will be appreciated.

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    Norma 203-B exactly the same as Reloader 15.
    With a Sierra 175-gr in commercial brass, 39.5 - 44.3gr (max ), but if you start at 42.0, you will find a sweet spot by the time to you get to 43.0.

    Not N-140, which I have never tried, but I hope this helps get you into the ball park.

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    According to the Vhit site, N550 would seem to be a better powder for this weight of bullet. But, if N140 is what you've got, it's workable. The achievable velocities don't look very high though.
    N140 35.3grn - 41.4grn. Velocities, 2177fps - 2501fps.
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    I've had both the 174 and 175gr Prvi bullets and found them to be very variable on both weight and length, their 168gr Match were more consistent. For 168gr you can get Nosler Custom Competition much cheaper than the Prvi match (about the same price as the 174/5gr) and they are very, very consistent.
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    thanks everyone for the feedback. @ Phaedra, totally agree. I need to swap - tried PRVI 175grn head - no consistency on weight, there was around 15grns deviation between min and max from same batch. Whre do you get your Nosler from?

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