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Thread: Portable Winch PCW5000 - capstan rope winch

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    Portable Winch PCW5000 - capstan rope winch

    Portable Winch PCW5000 from Orion Forestry

    Designed to be carried cross country to the object being pulled, then quickly set up using any length of rope and a few wraps around the capstan drum. These petrol powered capstan winches are used for hunting, forestry, sailing and conservation work. Simple to anchor to trees or rocksusing the two red hooks and 2m strop supplied. Using a simple ground anchor set-up the winch could be used anywhere. Ideal for long drags where a cable winch would be impractical or impossible to get onto site. The 4-stroke engine can run all day to pull continuously with no down time or duty cycle.

    PCW5000 is the larger model in the PW range. A very capable winch for bigger pulls or where speed is important;
    • Higher pulling capacity on a single line - 1000kg lift or drag, doubled or tripled using pulleys.
    • Faster pull speed - 12m/s (@ full 1000kg capacity) on standard capstan drum or a rapid 18m/s (@ 640kg capacity) using larger drum option.
    • 16kg without fuel, so perfect for transporting on a quad or carrying to the winch site. Consider the 9.5 kg PCW3000 if carrying all day long.
    • Excellent Honda GXH-50cc engine - 4-stroke and very efficient
    • Versatile anchoring options - comes with a 2m strop for tree or rock anchor points. Optional tow ball anchoring plate.
    • More details here: - pcw5000
    • Videos of the winch here: - Portable Winch

    In stock at Orion Forestry
    1260 ex VAT, 1512 inc. VAT
    Free delivery for members of The Stalking Directory.

    Phone 01279 813591 or email
    We also stock the full range of PW accessories and low stretch winch rope.

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