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Thread: minced venison

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    minced venison

    i have a couple of roe bucks hung up at the minute and wanted to try something a bit different. i was thinking about mincing a whole load to put in the frezzer just woundered weather i needed to add anything to it to cook as i belive that there isnt much fat.

    any ideas most welcome


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    comber, I minced a roe buck I shot badly. Just cut the whole beast up into strips, removed as much fat and sinew as I could easily cut out and put it all through the mincer. I then froze the mince in 1lb lots and made spag bol with it. Cooks very easily. No additives required. Rgds JCS

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    I am the same. I usually use the front end, lower legs and flanks for mincing and it is just fine. At first you may think it is a little dry, but it is worth getting used to. If you go to make burgers or sausages, you will need to add pork/pork fat for moisture.

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    i was going to do the same and use the front half

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    i chill the meat as cold as i can.. almost to freezing. minces better that way i found.
    can buy burger spices on line and sausage mixes too.
    dont buy too much though they tend to be too strong.
    if making sausages get real skins.... better for taste


    Quote Originally Posted by comber View Post
    i was going to do the same and use the front half

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    I make shepherds pie with mine, just a little gravy added. Once they are cooked I freeze them in portion sizes (find clean takeaway curry dishes just about right size)

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    All good advice above.

    I've just minced up part of a roe buck. As we plan to use it for shepherd's pie, cottage pie, etc. we've not added anything to it, but if we were going to use it for sausages I'd add diced pork belly to the venison, before mincing, in a rough ratio of 1/3 pork to 2/3 venison. If you want to find sausage making supplies then I'd certainly recommend Weschenfelder's -

    It's certainly worth trying venison mince or sausages.


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    D -

    If you, rather than your fragrant wife did the cooking, you'd know that shepherd's is lamb, cottage is made with faggots, sorry, beef, mince. With venison, a meat with spud topping has to be called a venipie, which sounds kind of cute. Either way, I await the invite.
    KevinF -

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    perhaps we should officially name it "stalkers pie"

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