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Thread: Viht N140, Sierra #1330 50gr Spitzer and 1:14 22-250

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    Viht N140, Sierra #1330 50gr Spitzer and 1:14 22-250

    Hello Gents

    I have acquired some of the following products in advance of my reloading equipment arriving.

    Will be my first attempt at reloading.

    Obviously will follow Viht guidance on load development. Lapua brass and Federal 210M primers.

    Does it sound like a promising recipe on paper?

    If anybody has used this combination of items, I would be grateful for their feedback.


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    I have used the above items successfully in the past with a factory tikka 22/250 barrel except with hornady bullets and it worked fine

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    Thanks Srvet, glad I has not fallen at the first hurdle.

    Would you expect any issues if full length resizing the brass after firing for a 22-250? Will be in Blaser.


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    Would not expect issues with FL sizing at all, start at the starting load which is likely to be 31 grains ish(absolute guess!!) and work up in 0.3 or 0.5 grain increments until you reach the maximum. If you see pressure signs early then don't shoot all of them. I would start with the recommended seating depth from the manual initially. I have had great success working up accurate loads using Dan Newberrys OCW method. Worth having a read about how he does it

    OCW Overview - Dan Newberry's OCW Load Development System

    good luck and keep us posted
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    I have had great results with the 50gr Sierra Spitzers and N140. My rifles preferred load was 36gr.
    I had less success with Hornady 55gr vmax , but even better results with the Sierra 40gr Blitzkings. The length of the bullet having a big impact on the 1 in 14 twist barrel.
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    Thanks Gents.
    Been reading the OCW methodology. Seems quite sensible to me, so will try that out.

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    Great combination . 0.4 MOA groups at 3700 fps

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