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Thread: Reloading books

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    Reloading books

    Hi what's the recommended books for someone new to re loading


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    hi mate i use speer reloading manual every thing in it good

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    I've now got several different manufacturers books but started with Lyman which I found really good

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    Quote Originally Posted by stet View Post
    Hi what's the recommended books for someone new to re loading

    Started off with Speers manual. Now have Lee and Lyman manuals. Still use Speers as my go to reference guide.

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    Lyman & Lee 'Modern Reloading' both good reference books. Lots of good/useful additional stuff on line too.
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    Just ordered Speer and LYMAN books cheers for advise

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    My newest and favorite is lee, also like the sierra

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    I have a copy of Hodgdons Powder Reloading Data Manual, No 27, tells me everything I'll ever need to know...and easy to use too....

    This is the online version...

    Hodgdon Reloading | Home

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    For an absolute beginner then the old Lyman 47th is very, very good. The powders, some, may not be available any longer but it deals with the actual setting up of reloading in clear terms easily understood and easily applied by you to your reloading. You see them on eBay now and again. Worth their price!

    For loadings the "one Calibre" handbooks are very good but don't in any way actually tell you how to use your tools or the actual loading processes. The Speer book is sort of "half and half" in that it doesn't cover as fully as does the Lyman 47th or as many loading as the "One Calibre" but it is nevertheless a good book.

    As to totally up to date charge data then nothing beats the actual manufacturers' sites. Not "Reloders' Nest" or similar but the actual manufacturers' sites.

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