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Thread: Reloading equipment and a small qty of factory ammo

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    Reloading equipment and a small qty of factory ammo

    I have some reloading equipment that Iím not going to take with me to the U.S. Obviously all bullets, primers and powder face to face sales only. Bring your FAC to re-assure me itís legal, anything else I will look at postage/carriage if you want, but a lot of it is fairly heavy. I live very close to Tunbridge Wells, and work in central London.

    Single stage reloading press (pictured) £35 including the primer assembly, the plywood plinth and the G clamps. More details and photos below. Now sold.

    Mini Bald Eagle reloading arbor press £31. Now sold.

    Lee Classic Loader in 308 Winchester. I've shortened the priming rod so that it fits the arbor press, but you can still use it as designed with a mallet or hammer. £21 Now sold.

    100 x 30 cal Sierra Pro Hunter 150 grain SP bullets. £20

    33 x 30 cal Hornady Interlock 150 grain SP point. £6

    100 x once fired 308 Win Federal Cartridge brass cases. £13

    Lucky dip of approximately 100 308 Win brass cases. Mostly RWS, but some Geco, Sako and one S&B that sneaked into the bag of RWS I bought from JD Reloading. All have been fired at least once, all have been FL sized at least once by me, and some of them have been loaded and fired several times. Approximately 30 of them have been primed with CCI 200 large rifle primers. £5

    87 x CCI200 large rifle primers £2.50

    ~ 0.400 kg of Vhit N140 this weight includes the bottle £25. Sale agreed.

    7 x Geco 308 win 170 grain SP rounds. £5, or free if youíre buying anything else here from me face to face. Just bring your FAC.

    50 x .22 Ely Subs. Sealed box of LR ammunition. £4

    If you are interested in anything here, send me a PM or reply to the thread.

    The CH Tool and Die 205 single stage reloading press. An old press, but really big, strong and lots of leverage. It has the priming arm assembly with large (fitted) and small primer cups. Itís bolted to a plywood plinth I made up which is included if you want it, as are the G clamps so that you can set it up the same way I have. Somewhat necessary if you havenít the luxury of a dedicated reloading bench. CH tool and die still make presses, and they are high quality units. This one is over 50 years old, and they were still able to sell me a priming arm for it last year, for about $10

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    I'll have the N140 please if we can arrange a handover in London.
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    I'll have the N140 please if we can arrange a handover in London.
    I'm sure we can arrange something. I'll drop you a PM.

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    Pm regarding arbor press

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    Both presses now gone.

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    Bullets, brass and primers still available.

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