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    Anyone using this site/, do you find it sort of cluttered/confusing, or am I just not the right generation?
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    im all over it
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    I use it up to a point. But you have to be fairly select. It's a good place to keep in touch with family and friends and to see photographs. But you have to get your settings right so that not everyone and their uncle can view everything. You also need to be a bit hard on some of those who befriend you. You're always going to get those that tell you everything that's happening in their life (my baby just farted for the first time, today I had cornflakes for breakfast etc.) Then there's those that just use it to show that they are in fact the centre of the universe, with posts such as "I'm having a terrible time today" but when asked why, they won't say NNNGGG!!!!

    So if you're going to use it, make sure you are ruthless with who you befriend and chop off anybody that is boring or annoying or it'll drive you insane. The other policy I follow is that I put nothing on there that I wouldn't mind being seen by anybody, that way you can't go wrong. You may well think it's not worth the bother. To be honest, I often think the same.

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    I find that it's great for keeping up with what's going on with family and friends whom I don't see too often.

    Join a few groups too. There are also groups for absolutely everything, plenty of hunting and shooting ones, as well as any other hobby or interest you may have. Some of these are great.

    If you're posting trophy photos you want to be extra careful about your privacy settings though. There are plenty of antis on FB too.

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    Yes! I have a deerstalking group on there also (see 'f' link in my signature). You have to be careful with what you post when it comes to hunting/shooting but if you learn how to use the settings to restrict your information you put on there it is an excellent way of keeping in touch with friends and general networking with interest groups. There are probably a multitude of tutorials on youtube that you could watch to learn the basics.
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    I am on FB but seldom go on for the negative reasons already posted, I also think it causes more problems than it solves for some, mind you some of that is the stuff they post. I think the old style of presentation was more user friendly, perhaps because I don't go on enough. Tom

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    And for gods sake dont post any hunting pictures lol. You will get folk moaning that they dont like to see that sort of thing

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