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Thread: BDS Meetig Strathconon

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    BDS Meetig Strathconon

    Good afternoon all,

    Just a quick message to say thanks to all at today's meeting in Strathconon. It was a great experience and gleamed a lot of knowledge from the wealth of experienced people there!

    look forward to next year!



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    It was a very good day enjoyed by 30 members.
    This year the weather was fantastic (unlike last years floods & sideways rain) & the local red deer stags "joined in" by spending the day feeding in full view in the glen within 500 yards of the venue.
    Both main speakers gave excellent presentations & got lots of questions & comments from the floor. Dr Josephine's talk & the following discussion educated many of us in a very positive way.
    A special thanks to Wayne (Mereside) & his scent hound Indy for travelling up from Yorkshire to speak to us. - It is clear to me that the UKSHA & the much needed "Best Practice" system that they are proposing/providing will be valuable in deer welfare.

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    What a superb weekend, met lots of new people and found Prof. Josephine Pemberton's talk very interesting indeed, also like Ali said some very knowledgeable people with great input and a good head of people which made this event very worthwhile.
    I would like to thank all involved who asked us to speak and look forward to doing more, a very enjoyable time thanks Wayne
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    Dear All

    I was also very pleased that I took the time to go to Strathconon on Sunday, the weather was glorious and should have been assigned to getting the last of the pre-winter chores finished.

    By the end of the day I was glad to have made the effort, Prof Josephine Pemberton was very stimulating and gave all deer managers food for thought on how to use the scientific knowledge being gathered on Rum as part of the management tools necessary to balance the competing pressures involved in Sustainable Deer Management these days.

    Wayne from UKSHA was informed and enthusiastic, as are all good "dog men", and I don't think it will be too long before we will need to make use of UKSHA's services and I am very keen to see them in action.

    Special thanks must go to the committee and volunteers who make these days possible.


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