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Thread: Update on won't zero

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    Update on won't zero

    The simple update is it has. I took the gun out this morning with a mate and his young son who is 9. I forgot the paper targets I had just printed an the sticks some how, so it was not the best start. We met up at 10 and went off to some ground with plenty of rabbits which have big earthworks in front of the burrows. It was a very still day. I knew the rifle was good with the mod off so shot a couple straight away. then I put the SAC mod on and put a few rounds into the earth works, dead on the centre line a little high but closer range than I zeroed at with no mod. So I put the DPT on, it was bob on centre line and a bit high so I turned down 16 clicks and hit various bit of soil right on the money. I was delighted. So now its official the paper was moving about and I cant shoot targets. I went on to shoot 6 more with the DPT mod on. I tried Remi, CCI and Reochi subs and they were very similar not enough to make a rabbiting at 50 yards or difference anyway. I am now getting to grips with the new gun. The lad also shot his first rabbit with his co2 rifle. he and his dad staked out some handy rabbit holes from a little wood with a handy wall to rest on, he was very well pleased as am I. We had a great morning. Tom

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    Good to hear that you have sorted it out Tom,This is the sort of thread that we can all learn from and makes for me good reading. All the best John.

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    Really glad to hear that you got things sorted Tom. Now all I can say is "Rabbits look out 'cos Tom's about"!

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    I have days when I can't range shoot for toffee - I'll be too tense thinking about work that's got to be done, my breathing isn't right, the dog won't relax and let me shoot etc etc etc - you know damn well the rifle will shoot but everything else just isn't hooked up!

    Glad all is well - never sits right with me when I hear an Anschutz isn't shooting well
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    Crack on Tom,

    I am a bit like that, I dislike shooting targets but put something out there and I'll knock it over, nice to know its all sorted and you can smile again,


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