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Thread: Flight of fancy? - opinions sought!

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    Flight of fancy? - opinions sought!

    I do a bit of shooting down in Kent. Not exactly the most deer rich area of the UK. So I got to thinking, where in the UK should i go when i retire? Which county if i could sit in 20 acres of woodland, would i be exposed to the most species and good numbers of at least a couple. I was thinking north Gloucestershire. If you had half a million, where would you go?I suppose i am more than half serious, not about the half million though, unfortunately!

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    I've had similar thoughts for years, Suffolk appeals, but it's a bit flat. Herefordshire / Gloustershire - Roe, Muntjac and pigs. I've nearly shot enough bigger deer to do me.

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    Not Shropshire been out twice today,15 outings not a b@@@y thing,ok it cost me nowt,but not the best county for deer..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    New Forest, Hampshire

    Sorry Mate w,ere full LOL!

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    Half a million wouldn't buy me my dream property, but it would enable me to introduce plenty of deer to the land I've already got!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    New Forest, Hampshire
    not with 1/2 m, for 20acres, unless you want to live in a tent.

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    Just a thought, 500k invested with P2P investment site can produce around 16k a year, which would buy a lot of interesting hunting, home and abroad, with no land owning hassles.

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    Good idea methinks if you can find a bit of woodland near to a house which suits your need and is within a couple of miles, preferably a walk to your land - for example - Gloyns Wood, Near Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon |
    A bit expensive but with roe and red, it might well (if safe) provide good cheap sport as well as a sound repository for any spare cash ?

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    May be 20 acres on its own or part of a larger wood and smaller house close by - exactly what i was thinking. Devon has two or the species around but where has four or even five species using the same area. Then i could build a high seat and live happily ever after!

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