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Thread: RWS bullets

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    RWS bullets

    Anybody know who stocks RWS bullets for reloading??
    thinking of trying the evolution in .30cL and 9.3.


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    Hi Jon,
    RUAG, is the distributor for Rws. I use the Geco 255gn in my 9.3x62. They are fantastic, fairly flat for such a beasty, and leave a very obvious blood trail. Though they have never gone far!
    I ordered mine through Phillip Morris, they took a while though. I will order through alpin hunting next time. A great range of bullets though and worth the hassle of getting them.
    PM me if you want more info/data.
    Regards K

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    Hi K
    I've got some gecco factory ammo from Mark. Just wandering about reloading with the evolution.
    Ive got some Speer and sellior and Belliot bullets.
    Just thinking about 'tinkering' over the winter ;-)
    I'll have a look at alpin hunting

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    RWS make some very good bullets. They are readily available right across Europe. There are no import duties or major export restrictions etc etc etc.

    A yet all our importers, RUAG included, just seem wedded to US stuff and all the attendant supply problems.

    I tried speaking with RUAG directly re RWS brass and / or 7x65R Geco ammo - not interested in helping at all.

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