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    deer Hunter trousers

    Hi off stalking in Dec after some new trousers thinking deer Hunter ram or smallville,some good deals on a well known site anyone tried the smallville,what Weight are they,mid or heavy. any help would be helpful

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    I have Deerhunter trousers. Not the Ram ones, but something similar. Not particularly sturdily constructed, and not as waterproof as they should (but ok now I've washed some nikwax stuff into them), but they are really warm and comfy and quiet. I wear them over thermal longjohns, or even just slip them on over jeans like overtrousers. In the summer they're quite nice to wear just on their own. To sum up, I'd say they're very good for occasional use, but a regular stalker would wreck them in no time.

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    You'd be better off with Laksen or Seeland IMO. Deer hunter stuff seems very flimsy to me. I have a jacket that I only use on an occasion to take the dog a walk, or lay tracks or the like. Wife has had to re-sow most of the seams and it's never been in the least waterproof. Now had a few washes in both tec-wash and then re-proofed, but I wouldn't want to rely on it out stalking for days at a time. The old adage does ring true when it comes to "propper" outdoor clothing. You get what you pay for.

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    I used the ram trousers for about 3 years they were a great summer trouser but no good in the rain and I didn't like the inserts for them

    as I said they were great for dry summer days

    I bought a pair of harkilla pro h x and I find them ok and warmer in the winter , there still not the most waterproof tho

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