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Thread: Collingwood Arms - nr Kelso

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    Collingwood Arms - nr Kelso

    Just taken the wife away for a few nights away and stayed here. First time to that part of the borders and what an amazing part of the word and nice place to stay. Would recommend it to anybody and I've nothing to do with the place
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    Your wife needs to pull her trousers up and put a vest on now winters here

    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
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    I thought it was a thread about a new gun shop.

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    Yes fantastic place parents live a few miles away and it is teeming with wildlife. Also some fabulous fishing in the Tweed and Till.

    Just shame about the very over zealous traffic cops, radar trap heaven.


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    I'd also recommend Border Tackle and Guns at St Boswell off the A7 at Hawick. Not Newton St Boswell but St Boswell. Loads of salmon and fly gear.

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