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Thread: thermal imaging

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    thermal imaging

    Hello fellow deer managers/stalkers. I am contemplating going down the 'Thermal Imaging' route for fox control/deer management purposes. Do any of you have experience in it's use? Recommendations as to which unit to go for? I'm not interested particularly in a 'TI gun-sight', just a monocular for viewing. Your thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

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    I've tried all of them and finally settled for the Pulsar XD38s but the HD will do the job too. I was having a look at some fallow last night at probably 6-700 yards. I would say ideal for your needs.

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    i have a guide ir510-384. the unit is light to carry and the battery life is amazing. Thermal is pretty much a game changer.

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    Well to add balance I use the FLIR LS-XR, revolutionised stalking in the more difficult cover (forest), but don't be fooled into thinking that it can see through cover, if there is an exposed bit of animal, it will show you something, else-wise it will still slip on by!
    It is more than just a useful tool to help you spot that animal in deep cover though, good as a safety aid helping to ensure theirs no random dog walker lurking somewhere.
    It is also invaluable in helping to find that last light shot that ran 10 paces before dropping. Has made me more confident to take the shot nearing darkness, where I am comfortable with the shot, but would have not taken it before for fear of not recovering the carcass.
    Took a double pair of munti at what was a long range earlier in the year, 1st light, 1st animal @ 196 Yds, second @ 176Yds, both good strikes, but both ran across the track and into cover. On arriving at the strike area, good signs from both strikes but no animals. climbed into thick bramble then followed blood trail into more open but dense wood, no sign. Got the thermal out followed 1st blood trail until is vanished, carried on 10 Yds and scanned, there it was 15 yds on again. Back to strike, followed second trail in opposite direction, again lost trail, scanned, out 25+ yds was second animal, would have spent a heap of time and risked loosing one or both. I have used at last light with same effect, and have not lost an animal since owning it, though have come close as some seem to find that hidden ditch under the fallen tree! As you may gather almost all my stalking is in dense forest and I wouldn't be without it now.

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    Got it and love it. As said above - a game changer. I use an XD50s and love it. Great for watching all warm blooded animals. Mice eating blackberries in pitch darkness is amazing! One quick scan of a large area saves several minutes of eye strain with a pair of binoculars

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    I have had a Pulsar Quantum HD50 for some time now.
    It has transformed my shooting, as I now use the thermal 80% of the time and the bino's only to back up what I think I see.
    The success rate, in particular on Muntjac, has more than doubled.
    But be aware some more traditionalist stalkers consider it 'unsporty' (More unsporty than a rifle/scope/bino? )

    Be aware of UK retailers asking for to much money for these units, you can get them 20-25% cheaper if you buy online in the Eurozone.
    I recommend you do not accept the quoted UK retail price and negotiate it down and/or ask for free extra's such as a long-life battery and video unit and neck-strap, OR take your business elsewhere.
    Also, for the price, I think they are badly engineered, for example they are not waterproof, and have a clumsy battery cartridge which won't last long.
    The mounting points for the straps double up as mounting points for the (extra) long-life battery and video unit, so you can use either, not all, at the same time.
    And with every laptop, mobile and tablet now equipped with a SD slot, why oh why is a photo/video recording facility not builtin to this unit forcing you to pay some 100 extra if you want that facility..
    • Do not be seduced by the marketing-men....

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    Has anyone used the nitesite spotter ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmckay View Post
    Has anyone used the nitesite spotter ?
    It's not a thermal. And it's too big to be practical.

    +1 pulsar hd50

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    Have been using a Pulsar HD38s for nearly 2 yaers and an XD on loan for the last month. Cannot imagine night shooting without one, in fact feel naked without it.

    Absolutely fantastic to use and agree 20-25% more expensive in UK than they need to be ? too many dealers in the chain all taking a small cut.


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    Eurozone mentioned a few times in threads....
    Anyone any links to euro zone retailers etc ?.

    As for waterproof , built in recording and easy simple battery

    Clive ward wt37 thermal ...ok it's bigger than hd38 but same spec if not better and has above merits


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