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    Hi guy's & girls ,I shot a few stags in the last few weeks I've noticed a large amount of ticks more than usual has anyone else noticed this?.

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    Not seen any more than usual, though that doesn't mean much as my ground is polluted with them.

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    Shot 3 prickets over last couple of days and they have all been full of them. Far more than normal.

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    I was out yesterday, the cover was still well up and green. I was covered in ticks pulled a load of last night, and 3 more this morning. I think its time to look at that anti-tick clothing and maybe slap on some jungle juice

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    We need a few hard frosts now to put them to bed ,we had 18 degrees here the other day

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    Hi arbjob, What jungle juice would you recommend? .

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    Quote Originally Posted by arbjob View Post
    I was thinking

    But pick your poison

    Be sure to keep it away from rubber,like the inlays on synthetic stocks and bino's etc...

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    I was going to put some on my boots, best not then!!

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    Shot three fallow prickets this morning and pulled 23 ticks of them ..far more than normal .Generally seems a bad year for them ..

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