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Thread: Uksha saves the day

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    Uksha saves the day

    Dont normally do write ups but think this deserved me breaking my norm.

    Just got back from a fallow cull weekend with several members from this site, we were lucky to have several members from uksha in the team.
    As they had brought several dogs including some youngs ones they had said any chest shot deer that ran they would be happy to work the trail as a training session.

    After shooting a fallow doe broadside on from about 80yards through with what I thought was a classic heart shot. It dashed off with its kid through about 40m of cover, cross a little ride and disappear into some more cover. The kid came out again and keep peeping back looking unsure into where the doe had disappeared into the cover. I dispatched the kid and came to the conclusion the doe had keeled over just inside the cover.

    After the session rather than fetch it myself I called in uksha to see if they wanted to use the trail to find the dead fallow deer.

    The guys turned up and got the dogs out, I gave them a quick brief and pointed out the rough trail and where I expected the deer to be.

    At the shot site very little was found apart from a few pins, some blood and a little fleck of flesh.
    the dogs struggled to find much for the first 20m but then the blood trail picked up and he bulldozed off hot on the scent.

    Roughly where I was expecting the dead deer to be a fallow doe jumped up and ran off, the handler was a few seconds till he could catch the dog up and unslip him.

    Despite the deer being out of site of the dog he went flying after the scent and we could hear him hot on the trail.

    After a minute or two we could hear him baying and the handler followed the sound to where the dog had her pinned in, duly despatched by the handler the drama was ended.

    The deer had run about 400m through cover till the dog caught it.

    The shot turned out to be a couple of inches low and had smashed the front leg hit the brisket and come out of the sternum.

    Without the proffesional approach of the uksha team and the amazing ability of the dogs we would have lost the deer.

    Very impressed and learnt a lot, having never met the uksha team I would have been reluctant to call them out in case I ended up wasting their time, however having met them now and seeing how approachable these guys are and passionate for working the dogs I will never hesitate again.

    Looking forward to the next culling session and learning more from the uksha team, hopefully with dead deer at the end of the trail this time though.

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    Brilliant outcome I've used their services before now and yes very knowledgeable, professional and understanding that no matter who you are sometimes things go wrong and you need help.
    I must admit that when it was first set up I thought eye eye be careful there must be a catch why would someone spend time and effort to sort my problem out but I couldn't of been further from the truth, no catch just there to help for the welfare of our deer/sport.
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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    Glad they found the deer for you, good result, but surely the kid should have been the first target......???
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Glad to be of service, any time!

    Please continue to call the 0800 number for Free assistance.

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    The kid had not stepped onto the ride when the doe was shot so was unaware it even existed. Also as we are conducting a heavy cull and with the kids being independant this time of year the cull plan allows does to be shot before kids.

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    Well done Jim, Paul and hound. That track had everything so great training with a great result. I wasn't a bit jealous being sat on the motorway and then in a classroom whilst you guys were having all the fun!! See you in a couple of weeks.
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    Nice write up Jim, hope all is well with you.



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