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Thread: 2015 African Hunting Season Feedback

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    2015 African Hunting Season Feedback

    Hallo to all readers, new on this forum and happy to be hear.
    Its November and I cannot believe how quick 2015 has slipped past!
    Time flies when you are having fun, our hunting season started in February, but it seems like just the other day!

    883 Culling & Trophy Animals (almost 40 Species) hunted by 73 Foreign Hunters during the 9 month period, with less than 2.5% wounding rate!

    Its been a good year with many new friends made, and excellent hunting memories created!

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    a word of warning to anyone thinking of booking a trip to Africa with umlilio will have a great time and will NOT be disapointed .I went on my first trip to Africa last month with 5 other members off this site who I wont name as I am sure they will want to add to my comments. although I have not been to Africa before I have parted with my hard earned cash before to hunt abroad and it has not always been with that in mind I tried my best not to have to high expectations for this trip.but I can tell you that all aspects of the trip far exceeded my expectations
    I have lots more pics just not very good with this computer bloody thing
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    I have hunted with Umlilo and was one of the guys that hunted there with Toad. The hunting is always superb and the organisation is excellent. These guys always go the extra mile and will do anything they can to make your hunt enjoyable.

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    Trevor don't be so modest. You also went the extra mile without you this trip would not have happened. Good luck on the ground this weekend

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