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Thread: Looking for stalking and finding brick walls!

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    Looking for stalking and finding brick walls!

    Hi Guys,

    Im fairly new to the site here and only know a few of you personally. I have to say that the forum has been a great help to me already, I hope to be of use to others in the future.

    I have been looking for stalking syndicates or land to lease for the past 8 months now and am starting to lose the momentum. Although I have found a few syndicates, none have been quite what im looking for and as for finding land to gain permission, well thats nigh on impossible!

    I understand these things dont happen overnight, especially when you have to gain respect and trust from landowners to be even considered for deer management.

    I have spoken to the FC North Yorkshire and FC Northumberland, both were very helpful and good to talk to, however, i think the FC may not be the way forward as I havent completed DSC 2 yet.

    There must be loads of guys on this site who are looking for land or syndicates, i wondered if there was a reason why people werent showing their efforts and interest on the common thread in order to help one another find stalking in the UK (im interested in York to Perth area).

    Can anyone help me with finding some stalking ground to let? Im not really interested in paying per stalk as i have that facility near to me, I am looking for ground which i can manage with others potentially and also take deer for the pot.

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    ff - 8 months might seem a long time, but it can take longer than that. There isn't a magic bullet, but meeting folk face to face and talking to them is critical to finding opportunities. I go to rifle shoots, am in a rifle club, attend BASC meetings, BDS meetings, FC events, Game Fairs, Best Practice Events, etc and talk to folk. One avenue I have personally found productive was to join a pheasant syndicate. Everyone will tell a different story, but patient, polite persistence is one way forward or marry a rich woman. Getting that first break is tough, but once one opportunity is under your belt, others will follow. Good luck. JCS

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    You need too find where the deer are. You need too research and analyse the deer and anyone else with a possible interest. Then you need too find who has ownership and approach them. You need too offer money and expertise the less of one the more of the other. Then you need luck and persistence.
    You really need too be able too put in time every week so you really want too live local.

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    I was in a similar position to yourself, although it sounds like you have more experience than me. I think JCS' advice is spot on - put yourself about as much as you can and get chatting to people. I was offered my syndicate place by someone I met at the rifle club I've joined.

    My experience of stalking is limited but I know from the driven pheasant shooting I've done that one thing can often lead to another. If the syndicate places or land that you've seen so far doesn't meet your exact requirements long term it may be that you can enjoy them for a season or two, after which a more suitable opportunity may present itself.

    Best of luck with it and I hope you find something soon.

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    cheers guys, i know that there is no immediate solution to finding stalking. I am networking with guys locally and also asking about land that i know holds deer. I think i am going to have more luck finding a syndicate, rather than finding land which A) has nobody shooting the deer and B) the landowner doesnt object to the deer being shot. I was just thinking that it would be good to have a thread where people can either show an interest or advertise sydicate vacancies, so that say if i found a lease, i could offer to share with others if it were too big or more likely too expensive for one person. Just a thought..

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    not sure if this will interest you;

    Do you have DSC1, Insurance cover and BDS membership?

    If so I could put you onto somewhere in Yorkshire where you can pay by the day for Roe and Sika.

    2500 acres, Sitka forestry.

    There is a caravan and chiller on site if you wanted to stay for a few days.

    If interested I can advise who to contact for the booking.

    (I am part of the committee that runs the DMG)

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    Redmist- PM Sent, got DSC1, registered for DSC2, member of BDS and BASC, have basic liability insurance but would get whatever insurance is required if it was something i was interested in..

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    Hope it works out - you've done the right thing by joining this site. The only other advice I can give is ask landowners for permission to shoot rabbits, pigeons etc first - understandably, they are a bit reluctant about allowing someone they barely knowr onto their land with a stalking rifle. Beating on a local shoot or two might also be of help. Good luck.

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    hi mate, i know how you feel it is a brick try this chap out glynn 07021114746 he started me off. any props 07973306180

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    The pheasant syndicate is certainly on option, the syndicate in Wales I've been in for nearly 10yrs folded up at the end of the last season, so now i have joined another syndicate in the Lakes through word of mouth with some Roe & Red included - it's also only 30mins from the inlaws...., good excuse for me to slope off every now and then when visiting with the wife/kids....

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