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Thread: CWD and Munties - Where and when?

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    CWD and Munties - Where and when?

    I have now just added Sika stags to my list of deer taken meaning that I have now taken Roe, Fallow, Reds and Sika. If I wanted to "complete the collection" where would the best place be to go for both Chinese Water Deer and Muntjack.
    Can anyone tell me what time of the year would be best, what it might cost, and what area would be best to be thinking about for the best chance of success please? (I realise that success can not always be guaranteed wherever you go)
    I am based in East Lancs and can travell "a reasonable" distance!

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    Sikamalc, Bedfordshire, November.... Drop him a PM (Checkout his advert in the classified's)

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    GAP180 definitely have muntjac (saw them while I was up there myself and one of the other guys grassed one) and I'm 99% sure they have CWD as well if my memory serves! I didnt see one myself but I recall there being trophies up in the lodge.

    I did my first weekend away last month with them and had a cracking time, and took my first two fallow bucks.

    Paul (Munty1) runs GAP180 and is a top bloke so it might be worth dropping him a PM to see if he can help?

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    Hello FrenchieBoy.

    I managed to shoot both a CWD and a muntjac on the same day at Sikamalc's Bedfordshire ground, as detailed here: In which the Pine Marten picks on Asiatic deer species.

    So I'd recommend his services!

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    Muntjacstalker has great ground atb tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom reveley View Post
    Muntjacstalker has great ground atb tom
    Agree with this, loads of munties on his ground!

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    Muntjac stalker is your man

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    Bedfordshire - Woburn/Flitwick area....both species everywhere. Nov - Feb before any new crop starts growing!
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