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Thread: Rifle choice????

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    Rifle choice????

    Hi all,

    in am brand new to rifles having just taken the step up from shooting shotguns, so be gentle lol.

    i have not long had my visit from the local fao, and he said he would be granting me my fac.
    i asked for a .22 for bunnies and a .243 for the local ginger menaces and the odd roe deer that stray on to my permissions.
    the rifles i was thinking of are a cz in .22 and a tikka t3 lite/varmint in .243
    whats your guys thoughts and advise.

    many thanks in advance


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    Looks a good choice both tried and tested rifles although for me I cannot understand ever having a varmint barrel for " normal field use " in the uk. Lots of reasons like Target shooting of course.
    Just don't like the thought of putting un-needed weight on the shoulder.
    Mm must be getting a bit older!!!

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    Both good options, I have t3s and very accurate / consistent etc. But (theres always a 'but'), t3 lite stock (I'm not a fan of and replaced) + varmint barrel may feel front heavy, especially if adding a moderator(?).
    Regardless of my opinion, if that's the way you go you'll have an accurate / reliable set up.

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    Tikka t3 lite would be a perfect choice for your first rifle
    regards pete

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    The cz in .22 is a rock-solid, no-nonsense option. If you are buying new, you might find that the trigger benefits from a tweak. Second-hand, you might find that it has already been done. Tikka rifles are great straight out of the box. I would suggest that if you are only foxing and working from a vehicle then a varmint style is a viable option. I shoot a Sako 85 Varmint for foxing and longer range stuff. It's married with a high mag (heavy) scope and mod, so it doesn't lend itself to stalking. If you are only shooting foxes out to, say, a couple of hundred metres or so and want the rifle to be a true dual purpose option, then you might consider one with a lighter barrel. Perhaps this:

    Have fun choosing though! Well done on getting your FAC.



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    Both good solid rifles,tried and tested. As already said,varmint barrel may feel heavy,although I've been leaning in that direction myself,with Sako 75/85

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    Tikka t3 lite would be a perfect choice for your first rifle
    regards pete

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    Perfect, go for it!

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    I wouldn't rule out a Howa 1500 either..

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    Here's another vote for what you want. But I'd also steer clear of the varmint barrel if your main use is in the field, unless you're Arnie Swartse....Shwartz...however you spell it. The only advantage of the thicker barrel is that if you're shooting lots in a small amount of time, then you don't need to wait while it cools off to stay accurate. So unless those foxes there are marching across fields like ducks at a funfair shooting stall, the lite is the way to go.

    It's possibly a bit of an off-putting name, "Lite". Makes you think of beer that has less alcohol, or computer programmes that have some of the capability missing. But not so with the Tikka Lite, it's just a configuration that is ideal for shooting out and about. It ain't that bad if you take it to the range either, just take a full flask for the occasional brew while it cools off now and again. Horses for courses really.

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