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Thread: New member getting back into shooting.

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    New member getting back into shooting.

    I am looking at getting back into shooting again after some years of not doing any shooting. Also need to get some fitness back and lose some weight so am hoping that they can go hand in hand. So am out of touch with most to do with what is in use today. Years ago I used a 270 BSA and a 308 Brno. Then there was the No4 target rifle for club use with a BSA Martini .22. On club days on the ranges both the 270 and 308 were used for informal shooting and practice alongside the target rifle. We did do a bit of stalking on paid days and outings a couple of times a year for the freezer if possible. Those days I used to do a little shot gun shooing as well mainly clays but the odd outing at pigeons or rabbits if the chance came up. Never was much of a wing shooter though.

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    Welcome bud, The weight thing can catch a lot of us up, (The old Doe box beckons me often), Steve.
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    Good luck with it mate. If you find a way to get and keep the weight off let me know will you

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    Well due to some health issues excercise was rather limited. Now hopefully we can start some gentle excercise again of course the weather has turned rather wet but the hope is to begin with a little walking and gradually increase it. Gyms are out as not only are there none about us but past injuries make using a lot of thier stuff very awkward or neigh on impossible. The damage left in the wrist means that heavy weight rifles are also a problem so things will need to be taken slowly.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Thank you John. See your fairly local as well.

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