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    Well I upgraded my Vodafone account, then looked at my bills and found they were scamming me£5 a month for a third party service that they have admitted to me doesn't exist.

    So i cancelled my upgrade within three days and returned the new phone and specifically asked to be put back to my old tariff .

    my October bill arrives. £222.

    They have charged me for my new phone even though it's been sent back and acknowledged it has been received.

    They have put on me on an even higher tariff than I had originally asked for, not only for November but also for October.

    and for my second phone which was a £7.50 a month they are charging me £33 a month and have done so for out and November.

    And have put me under contract for a further two years, so I can't even leave them and go elsewhere withoutaying in advance two years of fees.

    I I have spent days trying to talk to them, but as soon as an advisor, who all see where the problem is tries to get authority, I am put on hold and then call dropped.

    Spoken to the ombudsman - they can't do anything for 8 weeks, and then only if vodafone agree to issue me with a deadlock letter.

    What a complete and utter shambles.

    I could go to small claims but a Edinburgh court order is difficult to enforce in Newbury.

    And if you look at the eForum on vodafones own website, I am getting off lightly.

    I am am going to be an off grid spoon widler!

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    Been there they are crocks that make bankers look like nuns when I cancelled they asked if I'd come back I'd said I'd prefer to naked wrestle a bear than use them again I also found swearing alot got me transferred to the boss quite fast

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    Cancel the direct debit until they sort it

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    Cancel the direct debit until they sort it
    This one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    Cancel the direct debit until they sort it
    Spot on. Get it cancelled straight away. I recently had a lucky escape with them, never again....

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    Well, I have had one pm from a very kind SD member who is also an employee of Vodafone at Head Office. He has offered to find me a grown up to sort it all out for me.

    My faith in humanity is being restored. He knows who is and thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    Cancel the direct debit until they sort it
    +1, they will soon sort it or kick you out of the contract,

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    Shower of sxxt, cancelled my phone in March, just received a e mail from a dept collection company, as I have not payed my monthly rental to nov, rang Vodafone from NZ , after 40mins, they agree phone has not been used and my account does not exist, next breath she asks how would I like to pay ?, I say we agreed I did not owe them anything, O yes she says, we will text you to confirm this,
    ME , YOU DON,T KNOW MY number,
    her , have you changed it
    me, my new number is xxxxxxxxxx
    her do you have a UK number
    me, why would I as I explained I live in NZ
    her , oh
    me , you can e mail me
    her, we don't e mail
    me, you do because you sent me a bill every month when I was on the uk
    her, I will have to get back to you
    I have heard nothing for a week, so assume they are texting who ever has my old number.

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    Go into one of their stores and get one of the guys in there to sort it out for you. Don't leave until they do so.

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    I am in the middle of fighting these cu**s, I left them in June, went to another provider, they made the process as fu**ed up & painful as they could,I ended up halfway through with a "Split service", my phone would take calls in from my new provider, but I wasn't able to call out as Vodaphone had not completed their side of the deal, many on line "Chats" with idiots of foreign extraction later, I am still getting demands for payment for my I pad, currently in the hundreds, I think maybe the latest request from me for an "Itemised account statement" may have finally gotten thru their thick skulls, just waiting for it now, or perhaps I might see the bailiffs come knocking?
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