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Thread: Roe trophy weight loss

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    Roe trophy weight loss

    When does the weight of a roe trophy tend to stabilise?

    I've read a lot of comments that you should expect a 10-15% weight reduction over the 90 days, but that also at a certain point things tend to slow down/stop in the weight loss department?

    I have a skull that at 3 weeks after boiling was 534grm. Its now basically still that (can't be exactly sure as scales are different) 2 weeks later...

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    There is no real definitive time that it stops fluctuating as it will depend on your drying conditions. I have found that the large majority of drying was finished after a week or so in warm conditions, less in a drying cupboard, or on a shelf over a radiator. After that it would stabilise close to the final value give or take a few grams. If just letting to dry naturally i have noticed little fluctuation after 3 weeks also so gives a good basis to guesstimate what the head may score.

    Should think you are pretty much there but leaves a frustrating wait to be scored if like me you dont shoot many medals. Any pics of the head?

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    +1 picture would be interesting.
    So much on Roe scoreing can depend on the indivudual scoreing it, the so called beauty points. I personally don’t like the really heavy short thick heads that always score high, but what I don’t like, some find beautiful. Chris Rogers spent some time on the phone to me explaining the reasoning behind the scoreing system, although very interesting and I then could see the logic in it, it didn’t change my opinion of what I view as great head. The main scoreing factors are weight and volume though, the rest make up a far smaller % of total score.

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    Have posted them before -its the co-alesced one... Not much on the beauty/colour/perling points I'm sure!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And thank you very much for the info - i't been in a drying cupboard so that is very good to hear!

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    Did you get this one measured in the end?

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    Once you have had them measured and scored you could use permanganate to darken the trophy for display. They are nice antlers but did you immerse them entirely when boiling or have they been in the sun?

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    I got it measured... The final full weight was 514g - it went for 107.5 points, so bronze...

    The weight and vol were good but it scored very poorly on beauty points (colour, perling, sharpness of points, width, etc...) I went through it with the measurer and was understanding and completely happy with the score...

    Sadly it was shot in April and there was still a bit of velvet left at the bottom of the antlers/around the coronets - hence why the colour is so poor...

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