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Thread: Down in Sussex

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    Down in Sussex

    Sunday afternoon saw us heading off down the m1 for the three hour drive to Sussex for our days stalking with Robin and Geoff of Kent and Sussex deer stalking services. Well the 3hr drive turned into four and a quarter as the m1 m25 and m23 were solid from j19 all the way around to Gatwick.

    Arriving at the BB we had our evening meal and a couple of beers before setting the alarm for 5-30am, when we came down last year we left home at 2-30 am and did not get back until 10-00 pm long day. Alarm goes off I get a cup of tea get my gear out the room and then give Simon a knock he opens his door a tells me he's lost his wallet, we have to wake the owners up to check the bar area but we don't find it now we are running late.

    we set off to met our guides just a 6 mile drive away within 5mins Simon had been flashed buy a speed camera, we arrive at the meeting point transfer our equipment and off the the first estate as we pull in deer are out on the edge of the field.
    This time last year we were here for the first day on the does, but the weather was not as good forecast was 20% showers is was, but it pi**ed it down for the rest of the day I have never been so wet but we still had a great day.
    So it was reverse roles from last year Simon would stalk the wood first and I would stay with Geoff on a bank on the edge of the wood overlooking a lake, within 5mins I had a pricket walk around the corner quick whistle it stops shot was to the top of the head. Within a couple of minutes two does run out of the wood and stop at the back of the lake about 120 mtrs number two down the second one was off before I had reloaded. When we meet back up with robin and Simon he was just lining up on one of the two does when my first shot went off and they ran off. I do the gralloch and Geoff goes to get the quad. We meet up with Simon and robin back at the truck an head off for breakfast.
    we set off to the next stalking area were I would stalk the woodland signs of deer every where, we are just in inside when I see movement to my left rifle up but the doe stands behind a tree she slowly wanders off through the trees without presenting a shot. We have a similar encounter with a pricket, two hours later no shot but is was a memorable stalk. We help robin and Geoff to repair a high seat cup of tea and a sandwich,and set off for the last two hours in high seats over looking an area where deer had been causing damage on a crop in a field.

    As the sun was going down it was great just sitting there watching nature at its best, then from a small area of woodland a pricket comes out and slowly walks down the hedge row at about 160 mtrs a whistle he stops down goes number three. Simon sees deer at last light but decides not to shoot all in all a great day with robin and Geoff, we are back in Feb and we are both looking forward to it. Martyn Click image for larger version. 

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    Not really the way you want to start a day out, loosing your wallet, flashed by a speed camera while rushing to the stalk. All of the best laid plans to get you there early and rested. Anyway sounds like you at least had a good day after all of that. Thanks for the write up. Did your mate find his wallet in the end or did you have to pay for his stalking .


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    I love that spot overlooking the lake, thats my lottery win dreem house behind

    Thanks for the write up



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    Sounds like you had a rough day to the start of your day but I am sure that was all forgotten when you dropped the hammer on that prickett. Always a good day out with Robin & Geoff, they will always get you onto a deer or two.

    Until the next time.

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    Nice write up, shame about the bad start but seems you had a good day in the end.

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    Sounds like you had a pretty poor start to your day but at least it ended on a high note.
    Great write up and photo (With a nice well earned smile).
    Well done, I'm delighted for you!

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    Well done martyn, it was a good day and the weather god's looked after you both,they had to really, after last years storms.
    We took another pricket last night from the same high seat at the same time of day, it's great when a plan comes together, or is it just luck.
    As Chasey says that ground with the lake and the beautiful house is the one we all would all like to own, so if anyone has an odd 5 million to spare ?
    See you both again on the 15th.

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