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Thread: Deer when you just don't expect them

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    Deer when you just don't expect them

    I was out stalking fallow bucks about a month ago and spent about 3 hours stalking round the woodland edge of one of my permissions and waiting up at the edge of a field that I sometimes see fallow out grazing on during the day. Anyway having only seen a fallow deer fawn during my outing I decided to call it a day and head back to the car park where I had parked up. I made my way back to the road and then had about 75 yards to walk down the road to the car park. Anyway when I got over the fence onto the road I saw a large fallow buck heading into the car park. He walked past my car and I lost sight of him.
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    I had similar thing happen other day , went out for a look on some land I shoot . so parked my truck at the bottom of the hill and went on foot around the edge of the woodland for about 3 hrs and the fog decided to come down so decided to sack it as never saw anything ! on walking back to my truck looking at the floor at slots and chatting to myself I looked up and there was one about 40yrds from my truck but don't think he could see me properly due to the fog , so got my sticks out and with the .30-06 sent one into him was a nice strike but was just at a slight angle . He took off down bank towards my truck and fell no further than 10yrds form the back door . Saved me on the humping and dumping back to the truck.Click image for larger version. 

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    I've seen him whilst I've been out lamping at night but he was with a bigger Buck but wasn't on that day.

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