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Thread: new lamp for foxing

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    new lamp for foxing

    Looking for a new lamp for lamping from a vehicle,three options clulite laserlight,deben tracer 170 or lightforce striker,can anyone recommend which would be best,read up on the 12v plug some say their crap anyone altered them for the vehicle.

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    tracer-150-rechargeable-led-lamp it's great for in the truck I have x2 of them also got the big one on roof but don't use that now as the 150 led .



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    deben or lightforce ive got both they both throw a very clear beam but neither are built that well in my opinion but like i said the beam they throw is very good the clulight is better made much more sturdy but i dont like the beam they throw just seems a bit wishy washy to me but each to there own

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