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Thread: Sako Finnfire PS94 Varmint 22LR

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    Sako Finnfire PS94 Varmint 22LR

    Im very reluctantly putting my PS94 up for sale, I know I will get people telling me not to but the simple fact is the rifle is just too clean for the type of shooting Im doing and as such I end up using my old CZ. Those who know these rifles know all about the quality so I wont rabble on about it, those who dont then Google it and you will see why they are so caught after, rifles built to a standard not a price probably best sums it up! I hunted high and low for an as near pristine example as I could find but the problem is Im so afraid of spoiling it that it just isn't getting the use it deserves.

    As you can see from the pictures the rifle is in very good condition, I wont say pristine as there is the odd imperfection but you would have to look very hard to find them and then there aren't many and nothing that will show up even on these high res images. As with all Finnfires this one is extremely accurate for a .22LR, in the right conditions with good quality ammo it will shoot sub 1" at 100yds and 1/2 groups at 60yds quite easily. I have used mainly SK Std and Eley Subs. I have shot enough 1/4" groups at 50yds with this rifle to know it can do it if you can. The rifle was bedded before I bought it by our local gunsmith who owned the rifle himself from new.

    Im offering the rifle for sale only, the bipod is not included. I might be open to a trade plus cash on something like a high end scope suitable for long range work or a Sako 75 Action I or III, caliber doesn't matter so long as its the Action I or III.

    I would like 595 - I can do RFD transfer if needed at buyers cost. I would confidently say this is one of the best original Finnfires left out there in as near to original condition as you will find, any visible marks on the bluing are only fingerprints.

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    OK, Im open to offers guys.

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    What Barrel length and thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    What Barrel length and thread?
    Everything is standard so 22" barrel and 1/2" UNF thread.

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    How has this not gone?
    I have the same with a shorter barrel, best .22 ever made IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milligan View Post
    How has this not gone?
    I have the same with a shorter barrel, best .22 ever made IMO.
    It was just a case of the right person seeing the ad, rifle now sold

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