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Thread: None lead ammo

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    None lead ammo

    Any ideas on the best none lead ammo out there. Any ideas and advise appreciated. To be used in 243 and 308, 243 must be deer legal in England

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    Factory or home load?

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    .243 might be interesting, I'm on Hornady GMX's in the winmag at the mo', the .270 was on Barnes, Steve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treedave View Post
    Factory or home load?
    Any info on both please!

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    Just make sure you go light for calibre and get them going as fast as you can. Barnes and GMX's have a great record for staying together - 99% weight retention - so SD of a lighter bullet isn't an issue, but you need the velocity to make them expand. Not sure I would trust them if terminal velocity was likely to be less than 2500fps, preferably quite a bit higher. I am launching a 120 TTSX out of a 7mm at 3400fps and it works very well.
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    Only used it in my 270, the federal Barnes were the best. Very accurate and hard hitting. Like others have said it retains almost 100% of its weight. It cuts it way through the body and loses its momentum quickly, I often found bullets on the ground feet away from the shot beast.

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    69gr GS Custom HV for the .243 would work very well, providing adequate energy for all UK game with a very flat trajectory. A bit hard to get hold of but very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Any info on both please!
    I've used 150 gr federal factory which was ok, Barnes loaded by federal from what I could find out.

    Otherwise it's all home loaded,
    130 gr Hv in 308 - on the way.
    103 gr Hv in 260 rem - on the way, but not expecting much different from 95 gr
    95 gr Hv in 260 rem in Lapua cases with N540 under it, plenty of success on roe and red out 150m. All through and through with 2 coin sized exits on roe,smaller on reds.

    Easily available via Netherlands (Tiemens Tiemens Premium Ammo and Hunting - T2Ammo) depending on stock, and they're really good with load data / suggested bullet weights etc.

    130 gr tsx in 308 again in Lapua cases with N140 under it. Used on roe and red to with good success, all exiting with good expansion.

    I've used other mono metal bullets but not on live quarry, so no useful info there.

    My only caveat is that copper bullets should be used in lighter weights (20-30gr as a rough guide) and pushed faster than you would the lead equivalent. It took a leap of faith for me to home load using the GSC method, but it produced good to very good results for me.

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    Thanks for the advise to all, never used any but now its a must on some of my perms

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