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Thread: A van.

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    A van.

    I am looking for a car derived van if you know of one such as a Fiesta or Punto etc. My budget is squeezed as no one is buying guns off me so WHY?

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    I've looked at this several times over the past 12 years & I've never been able to go past a Citreon Picasso. They are dirt cheap, reliable, economical (about 50mpg for my 2L diesel loaded with lighting generators etc.), back loading door doesn't have a lip to lift heavy items over, the back seats just pop out to give a flat load-carrying surface, when seats are in you get 3 full-width seats in the back so I can run it as a people carrier at the weekend, comfortable enough to drive to London & back in, nobody wants to steal it, etc, etc, etc. Not really a babe-magnet though.

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    I am drawn to the Renault Trekka in 4WD but they have all been to the moon and back.

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